Every wedding is a story to tell….and it’s about LOVE! A story moves you, captivates you, makes you laugh, cry and love. Your story celebrates two people in love and one that you share with family and friends, this is true emotion. Emotion that is real. Emotion that is heartwarming, precious and true. I would love to be able to stop time, there are so many wonderful moments that happen during a wedding, slipping on the Louboutin’s, your father seeing you in the dress, the seconds before you walk down the aisle, the grooms first look and when your hand is passed over to him, these precious moments take my breath away.

The uplifting cheer from your guests as you enter the reception, a kiss to your hand from your beloved grandfather, the tears that happen during the speeches, the excitement of the first dance and of course the party and dancing! No staged poses, no set routines, not a repetition of someone else’s wedding. Real creative moments shared between us. How it should be. Time cannot be stopped but you will have a story that remains with you forever.

Wedding Collections start from £2250 for full day and night coverage including your album, Dates book quickly (12-18 months in advance) as couples get in touch daily, so do say hello and tell me about your day, I would be honoured to be a part of it.