365 Days…365 Images… 2016 | My retrospective

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2016 has been an epic year for my wedding photography. Winning the title of National wedding photographer for the second year running, an elopement in Iceland, a pre-wedding session in Verona with a rural Italian wedding. These have been some of my highlights, having clients who put their complete trust in me and who are happy to go anywhere I take them – Climb down this cliff, walk under this waterfall, perch on that rock! But in all honesty it doesn’t matter where I am. Whats important is that I’m with you. Capturing the real events as they unfold between you and you’re family and friends on you’re wedding day, real people doing real things on what some couples say is a very surreal day. One of the strongest emotions that I have experienced this year is of course Love. Love between couples and their families. I have also whitnessed great loss. I have had several messages this year where couples have lost dear grandparents or aunts and they are truly thankful that I captured photographs of them, for me this holds something very deep and emotional in knowing that I was the last person to photograph that man or woman.

In 2016 I have been part of the most beautiful and special weddings. To compile a small collection of images to show as my best bits of the past year has been impossible to do as every wedding has given me something very different that I’m proud to show. I am truly grateful.  Here is a glimpse from them all.