Golden light of Pen Y Fan | Sian & Dan Pre Wedding session

We walked through the forest, across a river and through the mountain marsh land to get where we wanted to go. The base of Pen Y Fan. A cold crisp afternoon for the Pre Wedding session of Sian & Dan,  the snow had melted and I was hopeful for capturing some nice big sky images, I love to be able to place the human element into a landscape and capture the intimacy of a couple connecting with the wilderness.

I kept looking up towards the sky, hopefull that there would be signs of a golden light. We had arrived at the final location. I knew it would be a good spot. We arrived a little earlier than sunset so it was a good time to just take in the surroundings and appreciate where we were. The sun got lower and started to kiss the mountain tops with an orange glow, I knew it was coming. So we waited, waited a bit more and then I could see the sky change colour. The orange and pink glow lighting up Sian and Dan

Hit play to watch the highlights


Here are some of my favourite frames

S&D-2 S&D-38 S&D-41 S&D-43 S&D-44 S&D-47 S&D-58 S&D-61 S&D-69 S&D-70 S&D-72 S&D-76 S&D-80 S&D-87 S&D-89 S&D-92 S&D-100 S&D-101 S&D-103


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  • Hannah ace

    on March 3, 2016  10:15 pm

    Beautiful photographs!

  • Louise Cole

    on March 3, 2016  10:20 pm

    Absolutely stunning photography - you don't only capture the beauty of the surroundings but most importantly the look of sheer love between the couple. They must be so proud of these photos. Well done on these fantastic images.

  • M smith

    on March 3, 2016  10:23 pm

    Fabalous photos x

  • Jemma

    on March 5, 2016  10:46 pm

    Amazing photographs and a beautiful spot. Fabulous x