I would fly 10,000 miles to say I do, Amy & Iwan

There is always a story to every wedding.

I’ve never had a booking from 10,000 miles away not knowing what to expect, it can be tricky, trying to connect with people I haven’t met…..

Amy & Iwan, live in Sydney. They grew up in Gower and wanted to come back for their wedding. All weddings are huge events to plan but this especially, them being so far away but also they planned it in about 6 weeks. Amy knew she wanted me as her wedding photographer, I guess the power of social media had connected us.

They took the Eastern route back to the UK, a stop off at Hawaii to visit Waimea Bay, Iwan needed a wedding ring he picked one up from the local surf shop, then on to New York and 5th Avenue to pick a little gift from Tiffany’s, arriving in the UK in time for Christmas Day.

December 27th, a morning full of heavy rain. It had started to clear by the afternoon but the skies were still heavy and moody. I always want to attempt to photograph portraits outside and arriving at Three Cliffs luckily only the mist was shrouding the three peaks. It didn’t matter to Amy & Iwan because this place has so many memories for them, being here on their wedding day, it’s all they wanted. The times they had spent here were back with them.

We drove over the soaked ground of Cefn Bryn towards Weobley castle, the wind was strong, trees in horizontal lines. We stepped out on to the headland and overlooked the estuary. That’s when it went, taken up in the air swirling around, all we could do was watch, it landed entwined in tree tops on the cliff edge, there was no way we could get it back, Amy’s veil was gone but not forgotten. It’s the little things that make up the portraits, a gaze or a touch can be so powerful and this day it was all about beautiful dancing hair.

Distance is only a number right? The connection you feel and share with your family and friends is with you forever, wherever you are.
Venue – Sosban


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