Bridal photo shoot at Fairyhill, South Wales

November 15, 2020

Bridal photo shoot at Fairyhill
Wedding photo shoot at Fairyhill
Coming together…

So we did a thing. Some time in lockdown we started chatting. Just a few of us. With most to all weddings postponed what was keeping us creative. 

What can we do that gets the creativity  back, it’s what we all love but have missed so much during 2020. 

So a plan took shape. Stephanie Allin Bridal, Lara Johnson Hair stylist, Eve Francesca floral design, Jessie Dalimore Make up Artist,  Fairyhill wedding venue in Wales and myself for wedding photography all came together and it began. Mood boards created, ideas passed around. We all knew how special we wanted this to be. 

In the people I photograph my main aim is to always capture the connection, emotion and belief. This emotion is hard to portray on a bridal fashion shoot. I had to create this belief and make a connection with the model. But mostly for her to connect with you! The viewer. You are the person who will connect with the photos. You are the ones that will feel the emotion. You are the ones who will believe. I needed to make these photos connect with you. 

I knew I had to achieve a look that was representative of me, of my brand and not a standard bridal fashion shoot. It reminded me of the small intimate weddings I’ve photographed over the last few months, especially at sunset as we headed off to an epic location. It was exactly how I photograph my couples during an adventure elopement shoots, when they have been celebrating their original would be wedding day.

We did a thing. We came together and created something truly special and a bridal photo shoot at Fairyhill that we are all immensely proud of.  

bridal fashion photo shoot
bride wearing wedding dress

Vintage wedding dress