Charlotte & Chris | The Corran

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The Corran Resort & Spa Hotel in Laugharne is very special to me, it’s where I proposed to my beautiful wife Beth and visiting it again brought back all those memories of the time we spent there together. I’ll never forget the build up and pressure I put on my self  to make sure everything went right,  probably every guy puts himself under the same pressure,  as the nerves kick in ready to ask the big question, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me”.

I wanted to bring back the emotion and feeling I experienced at the Corran for Charlotte and Chris, their wedding day was special in every way, the stunning flowers from Eve Francesca, the beautiful make up by Jenna Wilson, sharp suits from Dyfed Menswear and strings form Taliesin Quartet, there is always emotion at a wedding but I wanted to capture something unique for them.

Love words…..A moment to be alone together, away from everyone, two people deeply connected sharing their inner most thoughts, emotive, touching, its very rare that you look into your partners eyes and tell them truly how much they mean to you, how you care for them, the little fun things, the more serious things, what ever it may be, to do this is rare. To say these personal words to each other on your wedding day is like saying true and honest vows to each other, the words that will take your relationship through life and all its hardship and love.

I’m not going to capture you’re wedding as a wedding videographer but someone who seeks the connection, emotion and the story, two people becoming one, and most of all their love for each other.