I love capturing the essence of children and families. I believe photography is about more than the relationship between light and shadows — Its about creating Art. There is an undeniable “love-connection” between an artist and their images. I have a reputation as the children’s photographer who drags vintage furniture, tea sets, and fabrics outdoors for sessions and who wholeheartedly believes an old building, beach or woodland will make the perfect backdrop for a portrait.

People often ask what inspires me as a photographer. I consider myself an easily inspired person and I love to take this inspiration to new heights. I am always thinking of ideas and anything in the right moment can move me in one way or another.

Children are little observers. They may not say much, but as a photographer and father I know full well a child does not need to use words to tell a story.

The sessions are £60 and can be purchased via my cart, say hello and we can chat more about your wishes.