Anne-Marie & Dale | Verona Pre Wedding

September 14, 2016

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Man, I wish there was a way of stopping time, just for brief moments to make days like these last longer. I genuinely struggle putting into words how much I love these two people and their wedding in Verona. They welcomed me open armed and let me into their hearts, it was like being with old friends and I would give anything to be part of the wonderful adventure again.

I arrived in Verona a few days before the wedding. Dale & Anne-Marie were kind enough to take a day off from their final wedding preparations so we could have a pre wedding session in this amazing city. We walked Verona, every corner turned, every door way passed and every monument seen, ¬†were all breathtaking and made perfect locations for the Pre wedding photos. As the evening drew near we headed to Lake Garda to watch the sunset. The beautiful location of Jamaica Beach, known by the Italians but not so much by the tourists was quiet and peaceful. Here we dipped our feet in Lake Garda and watched the sky turn a wondrous orange & red all whilst being blow by huge guests of winds coming down from the mountains. A moment I will never forget. I can’t wait to photograph another wedding at Verona and Lake Garda building upon my destination wedding portfolio.

Here are my favourite frames

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Anne-Marie and Dale, stunning photos, holding wonderful memories ??