Katie & Lucy 15 years in the making

My very first wedding of 2016 with two of the most beautiful people I have had the honour of working with, Katie & Lucy.  Being together no matter what life throws at you is a true commitment of Love. Love has no discretion or race, we all know this. I was nervous, this was my first same sex marriage and to put it bluntly it was like all the other weddings I have photographed. True emotion, two families coming together and true love. I don’t know what I was expecting, I guess it was my own naivety in entering the unknown. One thing I learnt from this is that being together, together in love, its’ special. These two beautiful ladies surrounded by their family and friends had the best day of they’re lives. I was lucky enough to be there with them.

Watch the highlights


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  • Sarah Lewis Hughes

    on February 25, 2016  7:53 pm

    Beautiful, captured the emotion of such a perfect day... You have done Katie and Lucy proud with your art work, the images tell a tale of the love and strength between the girls the true commitment and adoration they have for one another. Perfection!!

  • Lucy Williams

    on February 25, 2016  8:13 pm

    Marc's work is always exemplary-my sister's wedding album is gorgeous. Katie and Lucy's pictures are also stunning, particularly the ones at Southgate; two brides, side-by-side, with nothing but ocean behind them. Well done, Marc!

  • Amanda Hughes

    on February 25, 2016  8:44 pm

    Stunning photos of two stunning girls, can't wait to see the album.

  • Katie Norman-Lewis

    on February 25, 2016  9:00 pm

    Truly amazing Marc, you haven't just captured our special day, you have captured 15 years of love, happiness and trust, we can't thank you enough x x x

  • Lucy Norman-Lewis

    on February 25, 2016  9:00 pm

    Marc, we are as in love with these images, as we are in love with each other! 15 years ago we never dreamt we would be able to marry, let alone have such a beautiful day captured with our family & friends. You have been amazing, thank you X

  • Jennie James

    on February 25, 2016  9:00 pm

    Absolutely stunning photos of two lovely people inside and out. Lucy and Katie will treasure these beautiful memories forever. A gorgeous January day! Marc's photos are always beautiful.

  • Jenna Kelly

    on February 25, 2016  9:09 pm

    Beautiful wedding captured perfectly by a very talented photographer!

  • Charlotte Norman

    on February 25, 2016  9:53 pm

    Weddings are a celebration of two peoples love and commitment to each other and my sister and sister-in-laws Wedding Day was no exception. The pure joy and happiness of all the friends and family who joined in the celebrations that day was palpable. The day goes by so quickly, to have a photographer who captures that emotion enabling us to relive it time and time again is amazing. Such a beautiful talent Marc, thank you.

  • Elin Morgan

    on February 25, 2016  10:32 pm

    These are pictures that I could look at time and time again. A beautiful wedding, captured with beautiful pictures. You have the most amazing pictures to look back at, along with your memories - treasure them both for ever. Xx

  • Donna Julian

    on February 28, 2016  8:22 pm

    These photos are simply stunning. So talented and captured Lucy and Katies wedding day. Two beautiful and elegant Brides and a day never to forget with their sensational memories. ?