Post Wedding Photo Shoot Gower peninsula

August 19, 2021

Post wedding photo shoot Gower Peninsula

Every once in a while something extraordinary happens. This was one of these times. All my weddings are so special to me and every one is filled with such happy tender emotional moments its amazing to witness.

As a creative having the opportunity to photograph the couple again shortly after the wedding day for a Post Wedding shoot is extra special. There are no time constraints of that on a wedding day, there are no wedding day nerves, just pure natural emotion and connection between the couple and the trust they have in me. The hard part has been done!

These two have a wonderful relaxed vibe about them, they fit together perfectly and embrace the moment with I saw on their wedding day at Oldwalls. For their post wedding shoot I wanted to create something very special. Something very unique, fun and intimate.  In my mind I had an idea, I put to them and they loved it, you could say they jumped right in. 

I wanted them on a hidden beach just the two of them alone, inhibitions are to be lost and freedom to be found. 

As we approached the cove I could see both their faces light up with excitement as they suddenly realised and saw my vision. The cove was deserted, it was ours for the night and when their feet touched the water their hearts got ten time bigger and mother nature had a great way of showing off with a stunning sunset. 

Our own hidden private beach ready for me to create the most authentic form of art,  what we created together will become a chapter in their lives that they will never forget. It’s what the whole Post wedding photo shoot experience is about, creating something extraordinary, memorable and wow. I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

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