Pre wedding photo shoot, Pembroke coastline

May 25, 2021

Pre wedding photo shoot – Georgia and Sion, chasing the light along the Pembroke coastal path. 

“We stood at the edge of the world and you asked me to tell you why and though a thousand things came to mind, underneath them all was a quiet voice saying, because you remind me of everything there is in this world to love” ~ Brian Andreas

It’s always an exciting adventure, exploring a new coastline. The drama and history behind these unexplored places intrigue me. Having explored this coastline previously during my own family adventure with my wife and kids I knew I needed to return here with some clients for either their wedding day photos, pre wedding photos or post wedding photos.

The Pembrokeshire coastline is one that has so much variety and interest, it’s where I wanted to explore with Georgia and Sion. A pre wedding photo shoot is a very different experience from wedding day photography. We get to spend a few hours wandering and exploring whilst stopping and taking photos along the way, whereas with wedding day photography I normally have around 20 minutes to photograph the couple set in one location.

These two embraced, ascended, descended and kept their distance at Huntsman’s Leap. On the empty beach at Broad Haven South with Church Rock out at sea we wandered to the hidden cove of St Govans chapel, all along the way we chased the light to our final location – The Green Bridge of Wales, as the sun was setting it cast a wonderful strong shadow over the natural stone arch and rightly so, made Georgia and Sion the main focus in what is a truly epic landscape. 

I can’t wait to take their wedding day photos at Oldwalls Gower and show them the wonderful coastline of Gower. To view a Oldwalls wedding click here


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