Sant Ffraed House Wedding Photographer

November 19, 2021

Sant Ffraed House Wedding photographer styled bridal photo shoot

This stunning wedding photo shoot at Sant Ffraed House. Gowns from Allison Jayne by Pronovias, tailored dinner suit from Dyfed Menswear, flowers by Ruth Milton Jones and styled hair by Lara Johnson.

Being the first photographer to create a styled shoot at this exquisite venue was a wonderful experience. As a natural light wedding photographer, seeing how the sun light hits the house and dapples through the trees as sunset falls is always good. It’s almost like a trial for a real wedding. Having been booked to photograph the first ever wedding here in June 2022 this was a great opportunity.

Whenever I pick up my camera I want to tell a story. With a styled bridal photo shoot this can be difficult to convey. Photographing models and a staged event instead of a real couple on a live event of a wedding day can be a challenge. Trying  to convey the same emotion similar to that of a wedding day is what I wanted to portray. Not a set of random photos that don’t lead or flow into each other, it’s not what I’m about…

So I created a story.  Just as I would witness being the Sant Ffraed House wedding photographer – The dress, the bridal party getting ready and the pop of champagne corks, the ceremony, confetti, and of course the portraits at sunset, the first dance and the candle light glow of dusk.  The models ~ Sophie, India and Callum were absolutely perfect they embraced and understood my vision straight away.

Elegant, natural, emotive, timeless. Just as all wedding photography should be.

Venue ~ Sant Ffraed House,  Dress ~ Allison Jayne,  Suit ~ Dyfed Mensware,  Flowers ~ Ruth Milton Jones,  Car ~ Morgan Motors,  Hair ~ Lara Johnson

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