Janine + Sonny Santorini Wedding

October 6, 2017

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I have loved you for one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven days…Santorini a volcanic island in the Aegean sea. Janine & Sonny two people deeply in love. A stunning sunrise pre wedding session.

Wow was this special, this is a story of a romantic wedding in Santorini. A few weeks ago I was able to tick off a place on my list that I wanted to visit. I was given the opportunity to travel to Santorini to photograph the wedding of Janine & Sonny. Now these two aren’t your typical average couple…they have a wicked sense of humour and a skill for amazing fancy dress I have never seen before! I love to get to know my clients personally as it allows me to understand their day and their style. Yes people come to me for my style but I want to merge mine and theirs together, that way I’m always being creative and unique. Santorini was no exception. We have all seen the beautiful cliff top white wash villas of Oia and Thira and this typifies Santorini but its not what I wanted to capture for Janine & Sonny. We had the freedom a few days before the wedding day to get out and explore the island. I knew of a special place, an epic place perched on the edge of a 300 metre cliff top. It meant getting there early, again everyone thinks of Santorini for sunset and yes it is truly breathtaking but I wanted something unique for this pre wedding shoot. Sunrise in Santorini and with the morning sun hitting this location I knew it would be spectacular and peaceful.

It blew all my expectations…Santorini has an epic volcanic landscape and over 500 churches and I wanted to get these two standing on the cliff and roof tops of every one of them and do you know what… they would have done! Lets keep the other 498 for next time.

Can’t wait to share the wedding photos very soon.