South Wales Pre Wedding Shoot

June 16, 2019

South Wales pre wedding shoot ~ Adventure session
…this is love: to fly towards a secret sky ~ rumi
South Wales pre wedding shoot.

We talked and walked a lot on this pre wedding adventure session…Let me tell you about Nina and Darren. They have been together for nearly 14 years and there has been some tough times of late with Darrens father recently passing away. It makes you wonder in life how can it be fair.

Well what is fair? I guess someones else’s is fair is amazing and for others its not. Darren told me his dad worked incredibly hard during his life. He was coming close to retirement and he was planning a special trip to the Philippines with his wife, but all this was taken away form him. He did get to meet Nina & Darrens two little girls Shola & Rosa, he adored them.

When I meet Nina & Darren for the pre shoot the first thing Nina gave me was a folded piece of paper. Puzzled I looked at and started to unfold it. Nina began to say “its not a true reflection of you and not the most flattering”. As I opened the paper I could see a child’s drawing. It was very special. It was of me with my two French Bulldogs Pearl and Violet, we were going out for a walk with the girls. It’s the sweetest thing. 

Getting to know people is part of what I do. As a wedding photographer, I can’t imagine not knowing a little about the people that I’m spending time with on one of their most emotional and wonderful days of their lives. I really feel that it helps me capture a better understanding of them and their wedding day. It shows a truth and vulnerability when two people come together to pose in front of the camera. I say “pose” very lightly but let’s be honest, it’s what you are doing when I photograph you. It’s not a hand on hip sassy pose, it’s more like me placing you together.  I want it to be a moment that shows the emotion, tenderness, commitment, love you have for each other and one that shows the power of vulnerability.

It’s going to be a special wedding day at Fairyhill and I know the girls will be so happy knowing that Pearl & Violet have seen their drawing.

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