Sylen Lakes wedding | Kelly & Carl | Don’t worry be happy

June 17, 2016

Press Play to watch their highlights….

Kelly & Carl just melt together perfectly. They let me into their souls. When I photographed them a few months ago for there pre wedding shoot I could see how good they were together, the emotion and connection they have can be seen and felt in every photograph of them. A touch, a kiss, a glance, they have something special. A super hero geek and his girl.

A wedding day can bring about all sorts of problems, problems that really are beyond your control. Guests not being able to attend, the weather, wedding cars getting lost, wedding cars breaking down….One thing is for sure and as upsetting as it may be if things don’t go to plan on you’re wedding day, don’t worry be happy! Seriously yes it’s a pain in the butt. You have worked very hard in searching for your every wish making you’re wedding day unique and special but sometimes it just doesn’t happen this way. On the morning of Kelly & Carls wedding, as she was stepping into her wedding dress, just as the zipper was on its way up the familiar sound of a VW camper could be heard as it parked outside the house to take the bridal party. Then silence……..maybe a little commotion of an engine trying to start and a few choice words but nothing, kaput! Yes Kelly was terribly upset but her personality come though and she carried on knowing that tomorrow or the next day she could deal with the problem but certainly not on her wedding day. You just figure it out! I had space in my car so bridesmaids jumped in with me, we all were heading to the same place right! What I’m saying is, providing the situation can be resolved – stay calm, enjoy the day, you will look back in time and laugh, its what makes your day unique and special to you, its your story.

Sylen Lakes is a beautiful venue, the grounds are truly stunning and if your lucky enough to end your wedding day with a sunset then this is one of the best locations to be in. Rachel & Nic will go to any means to make sure your day is perfect and are greats hosts.


Here are some of my favourite frames…..Kids at a wedding –  their expressions say it all!|sylenlakes|wedding 1|sylenlakes|wedding 1a|sylenlakes|wedding 1aa|sylenlakes|wedding 2|sylenlakes|wedding 4|sylenlakes|wedding 5|sylenlakes|wedding 6|sylenlakes|wedding 7|sylenlakes|wedding 8|sylenlakes|wedding 9|sylenlakes|wedding 10|sylenlakes|wedding 11|sylenlakes|wedding 12|sylenlakes|wedding 14|sylenlakes|wedding 14a|sylenlakes|wedding 16|sylenlakes|wedding 17|sylenlakes|wedding 17a|sylenlakes|wedding 18|sylenlakes|wedding 19|sylenlakes|wedding 20|sylenlakes|wedding 21|sylenlakes|wedding 22|sylenlakes|wedding 23|sylenlakes|wedding 24|sylenlakes|wedding 25a|sylenlakes|wedding 26|sylenlakes|wedding 27





Dress from Perfection Bridal
Shoes from Louboutin
Grooms waistcoat from Dyfed menswear
Make up by The Beauty Boutique


Wow! What amazing shots.
It was a pleasure to be a small part of Kelly & Carl’s wedding. These photos are a wonderful snap shot of what was an amazing wedding, and a perfect, lovely couple. Marc, you captured it all perfectly xx