Welsh National Wedding Awards Best photographer

November 24, 2015

In 2004 I searched for a better way of life, after working for 15 years in London I decided to move back to Swansea and end the longing I had to be near the ocean. In these years so much has changed, I found the love of my life who I married, I gained a daughter and had the amazing experience of having my children with me at my wedding, having your own kids at your own wedding is wonderful. I saw both my beloved grandparents pass at ripe old ages and one of my dearest friends loose his battle to cancer at a horribly young age leaving his 4 children and wife. I saw both my boys being born in Wales, moved house twice (never again) and found new friends. I had a successful design business which unfortunately failed but that led me to where I am today. As a teenager I loved taking photos, I was preserving time and life with a click of the shutter. In 2010 I picked up my camera again and found the passion had never left……

Last night I won the Welsh National Best Photographer of the year award, this blows my mind!

My success is through sheer hard work, creativity, huge support from Beth and having wonderful clients that I simply adore…What we experience and the connection we have on a wedding day is very special and very true. It comes from deep within – It’s something that I search for and I want to capture it with my clients, seeing them at their most vulnerable and pure.

To everyone who voted for me, to everyone who connects with my images a big thank you for your all support