Oia Santorini Wedding Photographer

May 31, 2022

Oia Santorini Wedding Photographer Cavo Ventus Villa

Pre Wedding Photo  Shoot

Hayley & Shaun booked their wedding for 2019. Like so many others covid hit them. They had to firstly postpone to the 2021, then to 2022. This in itself, like many couples who have done the same, is difficult enough…

But, and here is the big but, Shaun was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer in 2020. Having had several operations to remove a kidney, half his liver, gall bladder and lymphnods, and the obvious – Then having two courses of high dose chemotherapy and stem cell treatments. In March 2022 he had the most remarkable and unbelievable news in that he was clear of cancer. It is a miracle and his recovery is the talk of town in the medical profession

He stands here in Santorini next to his rock Hayley, who has been there through it all with him supporting, laughing and crying with him. Together they are stronger.

Life certainly presents many challenges and these two have experienced so much, so soon in their lives together. They are ready as husband and wife to embrace the next chapter and the possibility of tiny little patters of feet.

Santorini at its finest for Hayley & Shaun. These two were celebrating not only their wedding but also life….They are an inspiration and show what true love and support is. Much love to you both.

We had a little bit of  time before the wedding day to create some beautiful moments and enjoy the sunrise for their pre wedding photo shoot on the roof tops of the village Oia.

Oia Santorini wedding photographer cavo ventus

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